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Good FOSS applications -- user facing software -- are collected below.  Please make sure any software you add has at least a basic development and user community.


[edit] Accessibility

  • Orca - screen reader and voice access.
  • Vinix - Ubuntu optimized for visually impaired users.

[edit] Accounting

  • GnuCash - personal financial management.
  • SQL-Ledger - first professional and now leading FOSS accounting app for businesses.

[edit] Animation

[edit] Association / Non-Profit Management

  • CiviCRM - first and now standard FOSS app for association management, events, campaigns.

[edit] Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • - python implementation of Douglas Hofstadter's copycat algorithm.
  • Mahout - Apache project for scalable machine learning.
  • OpenCog - concerned with generic intelligence and the inter-related cognitive processes it entails.
  • Torch - machine learning framework with linear algebra, neural network, and energy-based model support, and packages for audio, computer vision, images, networking, signal processing, video, and others.

[edit] Astronomy

  • AIPS - Astronomical Image Processing System.
  • INDI - distributed control protocol for astronomical instrumentation.
  • XmTel - telescope control software.

[edit] Audio Editing

  • Jack - audio connection.
  • Ardour - digital audio workstation.

[edit] Billing

[edit] Bittorrent

[edit] Business Intelligence

  • Pentaho - one of the first FOSS BI systems.

[edit] CD/DVD Creation

[edit] Church Management

  • ChurchDB - management of families, integration with Google Maps.

[edit] Communications

  • Asterisk - first and now standard Voice over IP (VoIP) management system.
  • Ekiga - conferencing support.
  • [1] - Screen Sharing On The Web

[edit] Computer Aided Design (CAD)

  • BRL-CAD - solid modeling, interactive geometry editing, high-performance ray-tracing for rendering and geometric analysis, image and signal-processing.
  • LibreCAD - standard open source CAD app, works with BRL-CAD.

Also see 3D modelling app "Blender" in Graphics section.

[edit] Crowd Sourcing

  • Ushahidi - dispersed information collection and mapping.

[edit] Customer Relationship Management

  • OpenCRX - with ticketing and issue management.
  • vtiger - standard FOSS fork of original SugarCRM software.

[edit] Desktop

  • GNOME - most widely used Linux user interface, underlying Ubuntu.
  • KDE - second most widely used Linux user interface.

[edit] Desktop Publishing

  • SCRIBUS - standard FOSS app for magazines, bulletins, handouts, posters.

[edit] Development Environments

  • Code::Blocks - Cross platform C, C++ and Fortran IDE, extensible, and configurable.
  • Eclipse - standard FOSS integrated development environment (IDE), foundation supported by almost every major tech company, based in Ottawa, Canada.
  • Lazarus - Delphi compatible cross-platform IDE with components ready for reuse, and a form designer to easily create complex GUI's and apps.
  • MonoDevelop - Cross-platform support for quick development and porting of Microsoft C# and other .NET applications for Linux, Windows and Mac OS.
  • Qt - Cross-platform application and UI framework for C++ and QML.
  • SharpDevelop - Open source IDE for C#, VB.NET and Boo projects on Microsoft's .NET platform.

[edit] Disaster Management

[edit] Dispatching

  • Tickets CAD - dispatch management and tracking system.

[edit] Document Management

  • Alfresco - one of the first and most widely used doc management systems, several commercial open source components but makes the list because they converted back to the GPL License.
  • Nuxeo - standard FOSS doc management system from Europe, all FOSS components, scales from small to very large organizations..

[edit] Ebook Readers

[edit] E-commerce

  • oscommerce - one of the first FOSS e-commerce systems.

[edit] Education

  • Moodle - one of the first and now most widely used FOSS education apps.
  • VUE - unique capabilites, extraordinary visual mapping tool to help organize digital resources.

[edit] Email & Calendar

  • Evolution - widely deployed world wide by Novell in late 1990's, the standard enterprise level client.

[edit] Email Marketing

  • OpenEMM - emails and campaigns with automated opt-out compliance.

[edit] Emergency Services

[edit] Engineering

  • Code-Aster - Civil and Structural Engineering finite element analysis and numeric simulation in structural mechanics.

[edit] ERP

  • Adempiere - one of the very first FOSS ERP solutions.
  • OpenERP - one of the most widely used.
  • opentaps - one of the most widely used.

[edit] File Compression

  • 7-zip - support for gzip, zip, related formats.

[edit] Flight Simulator

[edit] Forums

[edit] Genealogy

[edit] Graphics

  • Cenon - vector graphics.
  • DIA - first FOSS template tool, occasionally useful, now superseded by LibreOffice Draw, Gimp, Inkscape, and others.
  • Gimp - standard FOSS bitmap editing application, extraordinarily powerful.
  • Krita - painting and sketching.
  • Inkscape - standard FOSS vector graphics application.
  • Diagram Designer - Simple vector graphics editor for creating flowcharts, UML class diagrams, illustrations and slide shows.

[edit] Graphing

  • Graphite - scalable real-time graphing.

[edit] Groupware (email, contacts, calendar, notes, tasks )

[edit] Health / Medical / Dental

  • GnuMED - electronic medical records.
  • OpenEHR - electronic health records.
  • Open EMR - electronic medical records.
  • OpenTox - interoperable predictive toxicology framework.
  • OSCAR - electronic medical records.
  • VistA - electronic medical records.

[edit] Human Resources (HR)

  • OrangeHRM - first FOSS HR management software.

[edit] Instant Messaging

  • Pidgin - standard FOSS app for IM, can connect to all major networks.

[edit] Inventory Management

[edit] ISP Management

  • Freeside - billing, CRM, trouble ticketing, network monitoring and provisioning for ISPs, VoIP providers and other industries.

[edit] Issue Tracking

  • Trac - standard (basic) FOSS issue tracking app, simple interface, customizable reports.

(See "Bug Tracking" software on "System Software" page for more sophisticated systems.)

[edit] Label Printing

[edit] Library Software

[edit] Mathematics

[edit] Mind Mapping

[edit] Modeling

  • Modelio - UML, BPMN, Java, XMI, HTML, Jython modeling environment.
  • UMLet - text-based UML modeling.

[edit] Multimedia

  • Hugin - panorama photo stitcher.

[edit] Notes

[edit] Office Suite

[edit] Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

  • GOCR/JOCR - Started in 2000, JavaScript based, works with many image formats. Javascript version at GOCR.js. (GPL 2)
  • JavaOCR - suite of "pure" Java libraries with no external dependencies, small memory footprint, good for Android development. (Apache 2.0)
  • Ocrad - performs OCR based on a feature extraction method, analyze layout and identify different columns and areas of text, use stand-alone or as a module. Javascript version at Ocrad.js. (GPL 3)
  • ocropus - Python-based OCR package using recurrent neural networks, including scripts for ground truth editing and correction, measuring error rates, determining confusion matrices, and other features. (Apache 2.0)
  • OpenKM - enterprise focus with modules such as version control, metadata, workflow, search, and user collaboration. (GPL 2)
  • Tesseract - very accurate, works with Leptonica Image Processing Library in 60+ languages, developed by HP, now led by Google. (Apache 2.0)

[edit] Password Managers

  • EveryPass - a HTML5 based password manager that allows cross domain password management on modern, web enabled devices.
  • KeePass - open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and mobile devices.

[edit] PDF Viewers / Editors / Writers

[edit] Photography

  • Hugin - panoramic photo stitcher togetherer.

[edit] Point of Sale

[edit] Presentations

  • Sozi - zooming presentation editor and player.

[edit] Printing 3D

[edit] Project Management

  • Planner - simple interface, Gantt charts, resource allocation, cost roll-ups, HTML export, best basic tool.
  • ProjectLibre - update of original OpenProj app, Gantt charts, resources, costing, read /write compatible with MS Project, best sophisticated tool.
  • RedMine - web-based collaboration support for project teams.

[edit] Real Estate

[edit] Reporting / Charts / Graphs

  • D3.js - JavaScript data driven documents.

[edit] Resource Management

[edit] Screencasting

  • Kazam - screen recording for screencasts.

[edit] Search Engine

[edit] Social Networking

[edit] Sound Editing

[edit] Survey Software

[edit] Terminal Emulation

  • PuTTY - Telnet, SSH, xterm emulator.

[edit] Timesheet & Time Tracking

[edit] Typesetting

  • Lyx - LaTeX based beautiful typesetting editor.
  • TeXmacs - LaTeX based beautiful typesetting editor.

[edit] Video Capture

[edit] Video Players

[edit] Video Conferencing

[edit] Video Editing

  • Avidemux - good video conversion, rotation tools.

[edit] Virtual Desktop Clients

[edit] Virtual Private Network

[edit] Virtual World / Simulator

[edit] Vision

  • OpenCV - computer vision libraries.

[edit] Voice Calling

[edit] Voice Recognition

[edit] Website Analytics

  • Analog - started in 1995, still being enhanced.
  • AWStats - started 2000, command line tool.
  • Piwik - includes marketing and related analysis.
  • W3Perl - all Perl, email and HTML and PDF reports.

[edit] Web Browser

  • Firefox - standard FOSS app until Chrome took more user share, traces lineage as a descendent of the first widespread browser Netscape.
  • Chrome - Google supported browser, very fast, portal to bring users into other (non-FOSS) Google services.

[edit] Web Conferencing

  • DimDim - one of the first FOSS conferencing apps.
  • WebHuddle - one of the first FOSS conferencing apps.

[edit] Website Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • Drupal - most widely used FOSS content management system for complex sites, many themes and plugins.
  • Joomla - second most widely used FOSS content management system.

[edit] Website Development

  • Amaya - original browser supported by creator of web, Tim Berners-Lee, with his vision of always being able to both view and edit any page in the same app.
  • DRKSpiderJava - Multiplatform Website crawler and link checker.
  • WordPress - standard and most widely used FOSS website software, large set of templates, support for blogging, discussions, forums.

[edit] Wiki

  • MediaWiki - original and same software that runs Wikipedia.

[edit] Workflow

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