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User:Wstewart donated this Internet domain to the Free Open Source Software community for use as this Wiki. Future plans are summarized below:

  • Management. I do not have much experience with Wiki's, and would be glad to have others assist. Please feel free to send me a message on User_talk:Wstewart if you would like to help. Also, ideally this site would be run by some kind of foundation. If you have any thoughts on how to do that, please let me know.
  • Funding: I will fund the costs for the Wiki from VirtualOrgs.com, a company I've formed to integrate organization-level solutions from all Free Open Source Software, and which will contribute tangible (cash and equivalent) give-back to the Free Open Source Software ecosystem when it generates a profit, of which supporting this site can be a small part.
  • Revenue. If this site ever somehow generates revenue, all profits will be donated to the Free Open Source Software community.
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