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Sri Lanka and FOSS[edit]

Lanka Software Foundation (LSF) [1]

LSF has been in active development of FOSS projects for several years. Significant contributions include:

Apache AXIS project; Other Apache Web Services Projects;

Sahana Disaster Management Project

A more detailed list:

Implementation of SOAP Engines

   * Apache Axis C++
   * Apache Axis Java 2.0
   * Axis Mora

Implementation of Web Services - * specifications for web services security, reliable messaging and transactions

   * WS-Reliable Messaging (Apache Sandesha)
   * WS-SecureConversation & WS-Trust (under Apache WS-FX)
   * WS-Atomic Transactions (Apache Kandula)
   * WS-Security (WSS4C)

Messaging Frameworks

   * WS-Addressing

Implementations in the Telecom Industry

   * JSR 172
   * Multimedia Messaging Service Center (MMSC)


   * Sahana
   * BSF
   * WSDL<-> WS

Important achievements

Google Summer of Code 2008

Sri Lanka in top ten of most number of accepted applicants.

Google Summer of Code 2006

Sri Lanka in first 20 in the world in number of accepted students.


Sinhala and Tamil versions of Firefox 3.0

EnSiTip and EnTaTip add-ons for Firefox from the University of Colombo School of Computing

Sayura Sinhala Keyboard for Linux from Anuradha Ratnaweera.


ApacheCon Asia 2006


FOSSEnterprise 2006

FOSS-Ed 2006

Software Freedom Day is celebrated every year in September.


FOSS Sri Lanka

Linux Center

Lanka Linux User Group

ICTA - Information Communication Technology Agency