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Tickets CAD is a free, Open Source web-based application targeted for use by teams and agencies who need dispatch management and tracking capabilities but don't have the budget required by commercial systems. Teams finding commercial products not meeting their operational needs might find a solution in Tickets CAD's open source aspect. GPL License.

Tickets is in use by local government agencies as well as commercial shops and volunteer and HAM-oriented teams. It supports tracking via APRS, Google's Latitude, Instamapper and LocateA. While the 'no-internet' option provides exactly that, the mapping capability provides integration with the Google Maps API, and thus allows for immediate world-wide usage for geo-location functions, some name and phone-number lookup, and driving directions (as from response unit location to incident.) Extensive tailoring to meet local usage standards and terminology/language conventions is provided.

Its basic capabilities include information capture re incidents and fixed and mobile response units, recording important related actions, reports of several types, intrinsic chat, and notification by email (as well as 'texting' to cellphones.) Situation awareness displays are oriented to information sharing with senior-level users.

While many commercial CAD systems are available, to the best of our knowledge Tickets CAD is the only free, Open Source CAD application generally available.

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