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"Meritocracy in Action" - Apache home page.

The Apache web server was perhaps the first big Free Open Source Software success for enterprise level software. With almost no fanfare, it quickly became the standard for web server software, and has retained majority share ever since, mainly because it is free, rock solid, capable, and has globally shared use, development, and support.

Development summary:

  • Built on public domain web server developed by NCSA:
  • NCSA turns to web browser, stops development of server
  • Developers provide software patches to httpd "apache" v1.3
  • Evolves to maintenance and improvement of an open source server
  • Success has spawned more than 30 associated projects: Ant, Excalibur, iBATIS, Tomcat, XML Graphics...

Resources include:

  • Home
  • Download
  • History (better link welcome)
  • Support - by project
  • Forums - by project
  • Templates - by project

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