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12 Lessons To Learn From Highly Successful People

The only work that will ultimately bring any good to any of us is the work of contributing to the healing of the world. Marianne WilliamsonSuccess can mean different things to different people, and I noticed that many of us have some kind of resistance to the word success, even though deep down inside, that is exactly what we all want, to live a successful and meaningful life.

[12 Lessons To Learn From Highly Successful People]

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A Brief History of Timekeeping

"For millennia, humans have sought to make sense of time, to visualize it, to ride its arrow, to hack it, to understand biological connection to it. Time is the very foundation of conscious experience, writes Dan Falk in In Search of Time: The History, Physics, and Philosophy of Time. And yet that awareness has a long history of friction -- to mark and measure the passage of time has proven remarkably challenging.

[A Brief History of Timekeeping]

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A Young Girl with a Big Heart and an Old Man with a Lot of Flowers

When I was very young (about ten or eleven years old), I heard that our neighbor, a retired physician, had lost his wife after a long illness. He was such a dear soul, and he had the most spectacular gardens in his backyard. The whole neighborhood could see his glorious flowers from the street. The backyard was a profusion of daisies and roses, snapdragons and lilies, hyacinths and columbines. I used to think there wasnt a flower in the world that he didnt grow.

[A Young Girl with a Big Heart and an Old Man with a Lot of Flowers]

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Seeking Silence & Stillness in the Rush of Business Life

Pico Iyer -- essayist, author, travel writer and thinker -- has a unique perspective on many things. His physical domain ranges from California (where he lived as a child) and England (where he studied) to Cuba, North Korea and Ethiopia (which he visited) and Japan (where he resides). His mental domain knows no limiting boundaries. In this interview with Wharton associate dean and chief information officer Deirdre Woods and Knowledge@Wharton

[Seeking Silence & Stillness in the Rush of Business Life]

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Mr. Happy Man

For six hours each day, Bermudas Johnny Barnes stands at a busy traffic intersection telling all who pass that he loves them. His delight and sincerity are infectious, and the people of the island love him back. His service is a simple reminder of the power of happiness and loving-kindness to change any day for the better

[Mr. Happy Man]

[GoodvilleNews.com - good, positive news, inspirational stories, articles]