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Free Open Source Software can be supported by anyone that wishes to do so. It is generally developed by meritocratic teams of developers, associations of companies, businesses that provide support and services, non-profit foundations, and research and academic institutions. Key organizations in the Free Open Source Software ecosystem that provide support in other than technical ways include the following:

  • FLOSS Manuals -- FLOSS Manuals is a community creating free manuals for free and open source software.
  • FOSS Learning Centre -- An international non-profit organization serving as an information and training hub for conferences, webcasts, online videos, and workshops providing information about with free open source software.
  • GOSLING - "Getting Open Source Logic INto Governments", is an informal learning and knowledge-sharing community who actively assist the engagement of free/libre open source methods and software solutions in Canadian Federal and other government operations.
  • International Open Source Network -- "The vision is that developing countries in the Asia-Pacific Region can achieve rapid and sustained economic and social development by using effective FOSS ICT solutions to bridge the digital divide."
  • Open Source for America -- A cross-section of technology industry leaders, associations, non-governmental organizations, communities, and academic/research institutions, promoting better utilization of free and open source software in the US Government.
  • Open Source Initiative -- The original popularizer of the term "open source", and the recognized certification authority for whether or not a given software license is Free Open Source Software.
  • Open Source Software Institute -- Non-profit organization of corporate, government and academic representatives to promote open-source solutions within U.S. government agencies and academic entities.
  • OSS Watch -- UK public institution to provide unbiased advice and guidance on the use, development, and licensing of free and open source software.
  • SchoolForge -- Advocate that provides references to open texts and lessons, open curricula, and free open source software in education.