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Key organizations in the FOSS ecosystem that provide support in other than technical ways include the following:

  • International Open Source Network -- "The vision is that developing countries in the Asia-Pacific Region can achieve rapid and sustained economic and social development by using affordable yet effective FOSS ICT solutions to bridge the digital divide."
  • FOSS Learning Centre -- An international non-profit organization serving as an information and training hub for conferences, webcasts, online videos, and workshops providing information about with free open source software.
  • GOSLING - "Getting Open Source Logic INto Governments", is an informal learning and knowledge-sharing community who actively assist the engagement of free/libre open source methods and software solutions in Canadian Federal and other government operations.
  • Open Source Initiative -- The original popularizer of the term "open source", and the recognized certification authority for whether or not a given software license is FOSS.
  • Open Source Software Institute -- Non-profit organization of corporate, government and academic representatives to promote open-source solutions within U.S. government agencies and academic entities.
  • OSS Watch -- UK public institution to provide unbiased advice and guidance on the use, development, and licensing of free and open source software.