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The following five large sites provide access to most of the Free Open Source Software:

  • Apache Software Foundation - Originally the source for the popular Apache web server. Now offers an array of Free Open Source Software web development services, including Java applications servers, frameworks, and application development tools.
  • – Best known for the Firefox web browser. Also supports development of the Thunderbird email application and related components.
  • - The popular open system office suite, including the Writer word processor, Calc spreadsheet, Impress presentation software, Base database manager, and related tools. Excellent interoperability with MS Office.
  • Savannah - Central point for development, distribution, and maintenance of GNU software. See related Free Software Foundation focused on GNU policy and licensing.
  • – Supports tens of thousands of open source projects, including community organization and management tools to help teams develop their software. Many projects are Free Open Source Software, some are COSS.