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Sri Lanka and FOSS

Lanka Software Foundation (LSF) [1]

LSF has been in active development of FOSS projects for several years. Significant contributions include:

Apache AXIS project Other Aapche Web Services Projects Sahana Disaster Management Project

A more detailed list:

Implementation of SOAP Engines

   * Apache Axis C++
   * Apache Axis Java 2.0
   * Axis Mora

Implementation of Web Services - * specifications for web services security, reliable messaging and transactions

   * WS-Reliable Messaging (Apache Sandesha)
   * WS-SecureConversation & WS-Trust (under Apache WS-FX)
   * WS-Atomic Transactions (Apache Kandula)
   * WS-Security (WSS4C)

Messaging Frameworks

   * WS-Addressing

Implementations in the Telecom Industry

   * JSR 172
   * Multimedia Messaging Service Center (MMSC)


   * Sahana
   * BSF
   * WSDL<-> WS