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The following guidelines provide information on standard items of content, formatting, and style for this Wiki.

  • Open Content. Please remember that any content you add to this site becomes available to others under the GNU Free Documentation License. As is usual for these kinds of Wikis, please don't post proprietary material without the explicit permission of its owner.
  • FOSS. This site is for documentation of FOSS, software for which all the code including enhancements, enterprise functionality, plugins, and related elements are released under a license certified by the Open Source Initiative. (Dual-Licensed Software with proprietary components can be FOSS if all of the code is also released as FOSS.) A link must be included in the first paragraph of any Wiki page describing an element of FOSS that points to the web page describing the software as all FOSS.
  • Not COSS. This site is not for documentation of Commercial Open Source Software or Proprietary software. A link to COSS can be provided on the COSS page in order to categorize it, but must include a link to a page describing the elements of closed software: unreleased proprietary code, with or without fees.
  • Style. Order lists in alphabetical order.
  • Style. Put quotations in italics and indented.
  • Style. Use the date format yyyy-mm-dd as in 2005-12-31.