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System related Free Open Source Software consists mainly of the underlying non-user facing components - the operating systems, middleware, and utilities. The following system software is all FOSS, in most cases the result of at least a decade of continual development and improvement.



Bug Tracking & Management

  • BugZilla - Heritage back to the old Mozilla Netscape days.


Cloud Computing

Collaboration Server


Configuration Management

Cross Language Development

  • Finagle - Twitter network stack for the JVM to build asynchronous RPC clients and servers in any JVM-hosted language.
  • Thrift - Apache project to define data-types and services across programming languages.


  • MySQL - Popular relational database
  • HBase - Hadoop's very high scalability distributed database from Apache.
  • HyperTable - Very high scalability Hadoop compatible distributed database.
  • Perst - Object oriented embedded database.
  • Redis - In-memory key value data store.
  • Riak - Fault tolerant distributed database.
  • SQLite - Light-weight relational database.

Database Management

Data-Center Management


  • Bootstrap - Twitter framework for web development.

Directory Services

Disk Partitioning

Distributed Computing

Distributed sever management tools for very high scalability.

  • Cassandra - Data replication and fault tolerance.
  • Hadoop - Processing of very large data sets across many computers.
  • Mesos - Application resource management across clusters
  • Spark - High scalability data analytics
  • Storm - Distributed very large data set processing

Domain Name System (DNS)

  • BIND - runs the Internet.



Enterprise Service Bus


File Encryption

File Synchronization

File Systems

  • Ceph - Distributed object store and file system


Geographic Information Systems

Groupware Synchronization

  • SyncEvolution - For synchronizing Evolution calendar, contacts, notes, tasks.

Messaging Systems


  • Tizen - device API for HTML5.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)


  • node.js - scalable network programming.
  • Samba - Microsoft Windows networking

Network Management

  • Nagios - monitoring and alerting.

Network Monitoring

Operating Systems

Operating Systems Embedded

Operating System Emulation

  • Wine - Windows on Linux

Operating System Virtualization

  • OpenVZ - Linux kernel parallelization.

PDF Writers


Proxy Servers

  • Nginx - HTTP and reverse proxy server, and mail proxy server.



Security Software


Spam and Anti-Virus Protection

Storage Management

System Cloning

System Integration

Systems Management

  • ZooKeeper - centralized maintenance of system configuration data, Apache project


  • Iago - Load generator for performance testing
  • Zipkin - Web service response time profiling

Virtual Desktop

Web Server