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Ubuntu is a free open source Linux operating system with a primary focus on usability. Ubuntu has been the leading Linux downloaded worldwide for the last three years, making it the leading open source platform for innovation and support, and an excellent choice for use on the server or desktop. It is all Free Open Source Software.

The Ubuntu server has been certified to run IBM DB2, and provides a range of software and features to support scaleable enterprise operations. The Ubuntu desktop includes a pre-integrated, tested suite of leading open source software, including office applications, graphics tools, multimedia programs, and programming tools.

Regular releases are provided every six months at no cost, including updates to the Linux kernel, user interface, office software, and other key applications. Reliable security assurance is provided through release of free security updates for 18 months following release, with 3 years on the desktop and 5 years on the server for baseline releases. Updates can be easily and securely done online if desired.

Service level agreement (SLA) support from Canonical can be obtained at good pricing for those organizations that require it.

Resources include: