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William (Bill) Stewart is founder and current SysOp for this Wiki. He is founder of the start-up, and provides consulting assistance to technology organizations in the Ottawa area.

Previously, he spent twelve years in system integration where he variously served as a system architect, system engineer, engineering lead, company software manager, company system engineering manager, technical lead and deputy project manager of a $20M information fusion project, system engineering manager for pursuit of a $3B helicopter integration project, and project manager of a $14M health information systems effort.

Before that, he worked for the Canadian Federal Public Service with responsibility to establish and manage the first Canadian Forces base level computing centre, at CFB Gagetown supporting 4500 personnel, where he developed software solutions to provide base-wide course scheduling and resource management, payroll and personnel systems, and safe management of firing range allocations.

Bill was an OSDL individual member and remains a member with the follow-on Linux Foundation. He is author of a very light-weight web site management software package submitted under the GPL to the Free Software Foundation. He is maintainer of including contributions from many creators of the Internet and referenced in RFC 3271, and maintainer of the collection of best practices at

Please leave comments and questions for Bill on his Talk page.