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William (Bill) Stewart is founder and current SysOp for this Wiki. He is also architect of the Cirrus Open project to integrate the best open source into a reference FOSS complete Intranet, accessible on virtual desktops, and a hosting company for Cirrus Open, Cirrus Computing.  He is author of the first Web published book Living Internet, and the world's most popular open source project management reference Deeply Practical Project Management.  He has authored open source software for convex hulls in multiple dimensions, electoral proportional representation, fuzzy logic linear programming, search trees, and website navigation collect collected here.  Bill was an individual member with the Open Source Development Lab (OSDL) that merged with the Linux Foundation.  He authored and maintains the organizational best practices collection The Fun Standard.

He spent twelve years in system integration for a series of merging aerospace companies, where he served variously as a system architect, security architect, system engineer, software manager, system engineering manager, engineering lead, proposal manager, capture manager, and project manager, on a range of projects from vehicular to a health information systems integration.  Before that, he taught undergraduates and earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science at UNB, for a thesis on construction of multi-dimensional convex hulls from spherical distributions in optimum space and time.  His first real job was for the Canadian Public Service to setup and manage a computing center using DEC PDP-11 computers.

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